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Speeds & Pricing

Package Monthly Installation
1000 Kbps $34.95/Month $49.95
2000 Kbps $44.95/Month $49.95
4000 Kbps $54.95/Month $49.95
6000 Kbps $99.95/Month $49.95
8000 Kbps $119.95/Month $49.95

Plans are UPTO SPEEDS and come included with
High speed internet access
Spam filtering
Optional Web Content Filtering
Supports Multiple Computers (with compatible customer provided router)

Are you concerned about the websites
your family may be accessing on the Internet?

BVEA EXTREME is now offering an Internet Web
Filter to help protect you andyour family from unwanted material on the internet.

We can block, at your request, websites that involve…

Adult Images \ Content
Drugs or paraphernalia
Peer to peer file sharing
Racism and Hate
Bombs and Weapons
Block Unwanted Content

For only $5.95 per month have the peace of mind of protecting your family while they are on the internet.

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